Wedding Questionnaire

This wedding questionnaire is to be completed no earlier than 2 months before your wedding.

I will email you back as soon as I receive your answers. <3 Katy-

Bride's Name *
Bride's Name
Bride's Phone *
Bride's Phone
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Groom's Name *
Groom's Name
Groom's Phone
Groom's Phone
Ceremony Starting Time *
Ceremony Starting Time
Confirm Photographer's Starting Time *
Confirm Photographer's Starting Time
We usually start an hour before your ceremony, unless specified.
Confirm Photographer's Finish Time *
Confirm Photographer's Finish Time
Venue Address *
Venue Address
If ceremony and venue are in the same location only fill in this field. If not fill in with your ceremony address only
2nd Venue Address
2nd Venue Address
Place your reception address here
Please check your desired formal images
Please remember to allow 3 min per picture grouping, please allow sufficient time on your timeline for all portraits. (Allow 30-60 min for couple portraits)
I am open to suggestions, but we can totally pick at our discretion.
People who do not want to be photographed together or any special requests regarding guests etc?
Are you guys seeing each other prior to your ceremony?
List Bridesmaids and groomsmen and flowergirls/ringbearers
Mob dance? Letter exchange? Gift Exchanges?
Which of the following traditions will you have at your wedding?
Check as many as applicable
Sparklers? Bubbles? Rice?
We love to know in case we need to bring some food with us.
Lets list your vendors!
We love to thank all of the people who made your wedding day a beautiful event
Cool tips for the Honest bride
Please have the following items in the Bridal Suite for the Photographer to Photograph
Attn: It is most common to have the Bridal Party and Mother dressed and ready before the Bride so that they can help assist the Bride into her dress. The Bride will need at least 45 minutes for this task. 1- Dress Hung 2- Jewelry 3- Shoes and Accessories 4- Bridal Bouquet
It is most common to have the Grooms Men and Father of the Groom Photographed while the groom is adjusting his tie and putting his cuff links on.
Please inform the men of the wedding party and father that they will need to be ready and at the groom's suite by the above time.Please have the following ready to be photographed. 1- Groom's Tux 2- Cuff Links 3- Shoes
Please allow at least 30 minutes for the Bride and Groom's creative portraits. No spectators and/or other phones or cameras will be allowed at this time.
Final details (I promise!)
We love to keep it green so we only provide CD's upon request. All our clients do receive their images via AWESOME Online gallery. ;)
If you choose a CD copy, please type in your mailing address
If you choose a CD copy, please type in your mailing address

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