Welcome! to your wedding photography blue print!

Congrats you are engaged! You have a new rock on your pretty little finger, and you've chosen the most awesome venue for your big day! The next thing on your list is your photographer.

So you may be asking: How do I choose my Austin Wedding Photographer?

Having a zillion wedding photographers out there from you to pick from may become overwhelming. 

You want epic, colorful, honest photos of your wedding day!

And why wouldn't you? If your wedding photos are the one of the few tangible items left after the wedding, to remember and cherish your marriage, you have to make sure you choose the right wedding photographers for you.

Are we your photographers? Maybe. Check out the info below to learn how to decide if we’re the right wedding photographers for you & what to expect during the process. 

Step Numero 2

You think our images are pretty rad! 

If you are reading this is because you do like our work! Yay! so head over to our contact form and send us a message. 

We will reply as soon as we can to let you know if we are available for your wedding day. 

Keep reading for the next steps.

Step Numero 1

Do you like our work?

Take a look at our portfolio images, browse through our blog, and spend some time exploring our website.

Our style is vibrant, epic and emotional in nature. Your colorful wedding will be one awesome celebration where you enjoy spending time with your guests and can party like a rock star, and your wedding portraits will look like you just came out of a magazine, without feeling like you are in a long photoshoot.

Your portraits will actually be relaxed and fun. We’ve got secret skills that help bring out your true honest emotion instead of forced smiles, giving you images that truly capture your relationship together.

If you like what you see and think our style is a good match for you, continue to Step 2.

If not, that’s okay. We wish you the best in your marriage and encourage you to keep searching for a photographer whose style is more to your liking, as you definitely want to love your wedding photos!

Step Number 3  

Meet with us!

Larry and I (Katy) are Austin based wedding photographers, and we love meeting all of our clients in person, since every single one of our weddings is unique, therefore we love meeting both of you to create a unique wedding experience just for you! 

Our next step after knowing we are open for your wedding day is scheduling your wedding consultation. 

You'll find yourself laughing away with us at a coffee shop or at an awesome brewery if you drink. (Larry has a special selection of awesome local Austin Breweries to try) You can read more about those here, or I have a cool selection of coffee shops we can visit. 

If you are from San Antonio, Houston or DFW area, don't fret, we can meet over skype and face-chat all about your wedding!

Step Number 4

Choose us as your wedding photographers!

We are awesome, and we always go that extra mile to make sure your wedding photography is amazing!

Check out our reviews to see all the raves from our past clients. 

Step Number CINCO

Fill out the contract and send over the retainer fee.

We cannot hold dates, but to lock in your date we just request a signed contract and a $350 retainer fee and that's it. Once we have those two your date is locked in, it is that easy!


-If you still have questions, drop us a message below.-

We limit the amount of weddings we photograph in a year to provide each of our clients with the attention and care they deserve, therefore contact us right after your venue has been booked and you'll be on your way to an awesome wedding photography experience. 

Check out what your friends may say about your images with us!

Where would you like to go first? You can check out our blog, or see our awesome reviews on WeddingWire, or to see our booking page click here now.